Between actions and results

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. 

This adage popularly attributed to Einstein carries a hint that we should not overlook if we really have a firm purpose of change. As humans we are creatures of habit and feel comfortable following paradigms. Stop doing what we do and the way we do it to venture into unknown lands can be more challenging than we think. Especially if our ways have had some positive effect in the past, even moderate. 

First it is necessary to become aware of our habits and how we do things. We are so used to carry them out that they can be blind spots invisible to us. Perhaps we need outside help to identify them. And we need an open mind to listen to the sound feedback of those around us. It may be helpful to keep a diary of our chores and routines for a significant period of time. A month for example. 

Once you have a starting point of self-knowledge, we can review this log to analyze patterns, repetitive actions and even the gaps that may exist in our actions or our habits. Then with the same openness we can honestly evaluate the results we usually get through these ways of acting. 

In this way we can then prioritize that habit or custom that is reporting us a lower profit than expected, or that is giving us and undesired result, and we can begin to work on it. It is important to recognize that we also need some external tool to review other courses of action that would allow us to better achieve the result. Or as the saying goes, that allow us to reach a different result and more attractive. 

We must establish an action plan and a support team that encourages and commits us to tackle the new action repeatedly, at least for two or three months. Establishing control points that allow us to honestly assess our progress. It is important that this plan is also realistic and allows us to focus on one or a few things at once. Reinventing yourself, a team, or a company does not happen overnight. It is a deliberate effort of medium and long term. 

In this way we would be aimed to introduce real change in our habits or behavior patterns in the long run. We are headed to a significant change. 

May this new year provide plenty of chances to manage and change your habits so that you get the most constructive benefits for you and those around you. 


- Sergio Calvo.

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