The Secret Millionaires Club

I came across the Secret Millionaires Club this week. An animated series with the ambitious goal of teaching kids the basics and benefits of sound financial decisions and entrepreneurship. It seems to me a promising resource for teachers, parents or facilitators. A big plus comes with Warren Buffett as sponsor and featuring himself in the series. 


Other than feeding my moneybox from time to time or to get bank account for kids, with the mantra "saving is important", I really can't remember being thought much more than that about financial decisions while I was a kid; I learned more until I was a young man and I found myself in need to know. On the other hand, I don´t think the word entrepreneurship was even used in the conversations that I used to hear among my elders. Even having two uncles running their own businesses. 

No question I’d like to make some improvements and changes in the education of my kids as compared to mine. Financial and entrepreneurial acumen certainly rank high on my list. However I did not have a clue how to make that happen or which resources were available until I came across the Secret Millionaires Club this week. 

As described by its creators, “It is an animated series created for kids 6-11 years where Warren Buffett acts as a mentor to a group of kids who have international adventures in business. The Club empowers them by helping them understand the world they live in, teaching them about the impact their decisions have on their own lives… even when they are 8 years old!” 

Recently, it branched out into a sponsored educational program, "Learn & Earn" with in-school materials for teachers, at home activities for families and after school activities for youth organizations. 

Besides the originality and audacity of the concept (not to mention Buffett’s presence) I am amazed by the care put on the crafting of the characters of the 4 boys and girls starring on the show as well as their interactions. Also by the simplicity and soundness of the resources for parents. 

Make sure to visit www.smckids.com to take a look into the program and let me know your thoughts about it and about the value of teaching financial decision making and entrepreneurship to our kids. 

I share here the episode one that tells us about the lemonade business and the relevance of location for a company.

"A successful business is always diligent -- anything worth doing is worth doing well!" 

-Warren Buffett

Until next week,
    - Sergio Calvo.

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