How about Crowd Conferencing?

Hi There! 

I take the chance to say hello from BarCampCR where we will be participating today. If this name does not sound familiar, please check here.

I dare to share this crazy idea of Crowd Conferencing because though it is a less disruptive term than UnConferencing, from my perspective it captures better the essence of the event.

We started around 11 AM with an opening message from Mr. Otto Rivera from CAMTIC, which accurately inquired us about the central roles of divergent perspectives and execution defined as pure dreams pursuit for entrepreneurship.

By that time the nearly 60 slots available in the board were being filled fast, offering diverse topics from the latest technology trends such as Big Data, Cloud Computing; to mobile development tools, including free software, innovation and creativity. Every attendant willing to do so sharing its knowledge and skills to everyone else, according to everyone's interests.

I enjoyed a lot the speech from Leopoldo Rojas from Arckanto Software dealing with Emerging Technologies. And I also got a recommendation about a book on one of my favorite topics that sounds good: The Lean Start up by Eric Ries.

I will contribute in a few minutes with a presentation about Project Management as an unexpected way to add competitive value. You can take a look at a the slide deck (in Spanish) here.

I invite you to question how are you taking advantage of the knowledge, talent and availability of the people that you have around you today, as well as your willingness to share unassumingly yours with your closest ones.


- Sergio Calvo

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