I Got a Transformer!

A few days ago I got a small transformer toy as a gift from the executives on the program we've been working all year long. As the end of the program came this week, our upper executives wanted to provide the Program Team with small metaphors to remind all of us about the type of role we've played for the team and for the success of the overall program. 

In my case the transformer comes to remind that I played different roles during the year as the needs appeared. I shared my main role with a colleague to balance the workload of planning and leading execution between ourselves, since the effort was more than a single Project Manager could handle alone. However since the load had some ups and downs, whenever it was a little down I didn't mind to jump into secondary projects requiring attention, or to do a little bit of management over ongoing operations, while my colleague stayed on top of our main effort.

Another of the Project Managers on the account team got a Batman. In this case it intended to remind all of us about the very heavy amounts of time that he devoted to our Program. Literally working day and night around the clock managing his assigned duties, which were the most challenging of the entire effort. Of course he was also working with another colleague, she worked the same kind of crazy hours that he did.

Our Program Office Manager got an 8-ball game, one of those that provides you with "magical" answers to the questions you make. In his case this reflected the fact that at any given time he was able to provide a very accurate picture of every Project which was Part of the program, managing the numbers and statistics with very good certainty. To do that he invested important amounts of time and thought to provide the Team with the tools required to keep those statistics up to date.

This one has bee one of the most challenging professional experiences I have ever had. And also one of the best teams I've had the pleasure to work with. It is very rewarding to reach its end with the satisfaction that we were able to deliver on time, on budget and with very kind words from our customer about the quality of our job. 

As I let it go let me ask you this: what kind of metaphor/toy do you think you could get by looking into the role you have been playing lately in your team?


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